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Jessica Matier

2021: 99 Day Paintings, All of them.

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Own the whole experience of 2021's day paintings. 

All are mixed media on 11 x 14-inch Fabriano watercolor paper. 

A little about the work:


There are 100 process videos spread across Instagram TV and reels. Some stories were told while I made them. Most were paired with music.

The effects of the work areas are temperamental and impermanent as the materials used to create them. The paper disintegrates, the watercolor fades, pastel smudged and shaken off. Without proper attention and care, it will all diminish if left alone.

These paintings capture pieces of the current societal and physical landscape. Although these observations are not directly recorded or articulated in the titles, the symbols and hints of my opinions and general perception are tucked away in the layers and marks.

These lessons were initially shared and intended for you to consume but were ultimately for me. So I can, in turn, be a better person for you, and it all goes around and around forever and ever in the eternal present moment.

What happened to the 100th painting?

Day 2 sold before I consciously decided to keep them together. The process of painting for 100 days remains intact. Therefore, there is no missing tile because it all wholly exists.